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Mass Medical Services provides the highest quality peer review services as an essential part of our product line.  Our vast network of physicians are available to review the records of a case and provided our customers with opinions regarding causal relationship, appropriateness and necessity of treatment, work capacity, disability (including permanency rating) as well as any other specific questions that need to be addressed

Our process begins with finding the correct physician for the review, in terms of medical specialty and area of expertise and then cross referencing our nation-wide database of physicians geographically so that we can utilize a physician in the area in which treatment is being rendered.  This is also helpful if an examination is requested at a future date.

After the records are reviewed and our physician dictates their opinion, our Quality Assurance department reviews the report to ensure accuracy and confirm that all of your requests have been addressed. This is all completed in a timely manner so that the management of the case is not delayed.