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Mass Medical Services and Medical Management Services have been performing Independent Medical Examinations for over 12 years. Our customers include some of the largest auto insurers in the nation, workman's compensation third party administrators, self-insured companies, government agencies and law offices. Our expansive network of physicians cover a wide geographic area and are concentrated in the most active areas of the country.

Our physicians are specialized in all fields of medicine ranging from general orthopedics, internal medicine, neurology, chiropractic, and physical medicine to more specialized fields including hand surgery, neurosurgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, psychiatry, plastic surgery, podiatry, otolaryngology, radiology, foot surgery and urology. We have positioned our offices in locations that are convenient and easy to travel to and we schedule our appointments at flexible times so that they can accommodate the examinee's schedule.

Examinations can be scheduled via Phone (800 291-4936), fax (781-648-1120), Internet (referral) or a representative is available to come to your location.

We have invested in technology in an effort to make our processes easy for our customers to use and to increase the efficiency of our interactions. We have strived to give our customers a secure electronic option for their medical scheduling needs. This begins with a comprehensive on-line referral process where an adjuster can easily request an examination and express in detail the issues that need to be addressed. Communication between the adjuster and Mass Medical Services can be conducted electronically providing a very productive, quick, well-documented interaction. Our physicians dictate their findings to our internal transcription department so that your data remains on our secure network. Once the information as been approved by our Quality Assurance department, ensuring that your requests have been addressed, we can e-mail the report directly to you securely formatted as a PDF file.

Our goal is to create a secure process that is easy for our customers to use and which offers qualified physicians at locations that are convenient for your examinees.