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Who we are

Mass Medical Services Inc. is the leading provider of Independent Medical Examinations, Bill Audits and Medical Record & Diagnostic Test Reviews in New England, New York and across the Nation since 1992.

What we can do for you

We specialize in services related to the personal injury, workman's compensation and general liability industries. Our nationwide physician's network covers a broad range of medical fields.

Complementing our vast network of physicians is a knowledgeable staff that has experience in the claims process and understands your needs. Our streamlined process focuses on using the latest technologies to provide our customers with a user friendly, secure environment to process referrals and communicate.

Why you should choose Mass Medical Services

We credit our success to the personal attention that is paid to every examination that we schedule. Our goal is to streamline every transaction from the initial referral to the final report, and to make sure all your expectations are met and exceeded. To learn more about the services we offer please explore the links at the top of this page.